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Foundation History

Foundation History

In 1989, Thomas E. and June T. McGinty of Shaker Heights, Ohio organized The Alice and Patrick McGinty Foundation as a living memorial to honor Mr. McGinty’s parents who believed in and instilled the values of a quality education that would enrich and enlarge the life experience of their family and the lives and families of others. In 1999 the name was changed to the McGinty Family Foundation.

  Patrick John McGinty was born on the 15th of November 1903 in Holyoke. Patsy, a name he was known by all of his life, was the oldest of seven children; four girls and three boys. When Patsy was eight years old, his mother, Mary Rose, died unexpectedly. His father, Thomas, with the help of his wife's sisters, raised the children until he died suddenly in 1922. During high school, Patsy worked several jobs to support his brothers and sisters. He graduated from Holy Rosary High School, of which he was always very proud. The death of his father meant the end of a formal education for Patrick. After graduation, he began working for The American Writing Paper Corporation, where his father had been employed. Over the years, Patrick rose from being an hourly shift worker to senior management. At his retirement in 1968, Mr. McGinty was the operating superintendent of two paper mills in Holyoke. Like his spouse, Alice, he too was disappointed that he was unable to complete his educational dreams at a four-year college. However, with three young children in his growing family, Patrick did complete course work during the evenings and graduated from Bay Path Institute in 1937 with a degree in accounting.

  On Labor Day, 1928, Alice May Hill married Patrick McGinty. Throughout their lives the couple had abiding faith in God and the American dream. Alice and Patrick's educational dreams were stifled be- cause of personal tragedies and the Great Depression. Their vision of what could be was not destroyed, but only strengthened. There was never any doubt in their minds and hearts that their children would receive the education that had been denied them. With Alice at the home front sometimes taking jobs to supplement the family income and Patrick doing some part time accounting work after long hours at the mill, the couple managed to support the reality of their children attending college.

  Patrick was the consummate life-long student. He studied chemistry and mathematics in later years and was always a devotee of literature. He and Alice, the keeper of the hearth and a clever at-home dress designer and seamstress, realized their educational dreams for the family. The value of education, which was held so dear, is respected and honored by their own children. It is only fitting, therefore, to cherish their memory and further the dreams through the creation of the Alice and Patrick McGinty Foundation.

  Through the efforts of their organization, the principle donors and family have provided over $6,000,000 in support to local public, parochial and private schools and school teachers.



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